Certified BiodynamicFamily Farm

Skyline Organic Farm is a one of a kind producing family farm. It uses the most sustainable and organic way of farming possible.

The Farm

Here the Topanga Life arises from 38 acres upon which all aspects of nature create an environment of balance, purity, & health only available in few precious places and nowhere else near Los Angeles.

The Difference

Beyond organic, the certified biodynamic land itself is alive as one wholistic body supporting hundreds of varieties of life giving plants, foods, and local wildlife: a labor of love decades in becoming and a genesis point for much of what is understood in the biodynamic community today.


Above It All.

Never has there been an opportunity of this type to live within such a life-giving environment that includes a beautiful Mediterranean home and pool all surrounded by 360 degree views from the Pacific Ocean to ancient rock formations. Situated on 4 separate parcels to expand further into.

Once on the land all else fades away, into a world unto itself with everything needed in life's simplest form, a virtual escape from all else yet 10 minutes to the rest of it if you must go: refuge, grow, & flourish here.


Skyline Farm Videos

Watch the videos below to see why the only word to describe this place is magical.Also learn about what a bio-dynamic farm is and how it canhelp us become closer with nature and with the Earth.

Living on the Farm

What is a Biodynamic Farm?